Metal Roofs

Another area of specialty for Roberts Roofing is Metal Roofing. Whether it’s installing a new metal roof for a home or a large commercial building, no job is too large or too small. Roberts Roofing fabricates and installs new metal roof systems, and also repairs and restores existing metal roofing. There has been an increase in both home owners and businesses turning to metal roofs because in most cases, metal roofs can last at least 20 years or as long as 50. Metal roofs handle the effects of rain, snow and wind. Metal roofs are completely immune to damage from fire, mildew, insects and rot, and are a great choice of roofing material.

Standing-seam steel roofing is the most popular residential metal roofing today. (The term standing-seam describes the upturned edge of one metal panel that connects it to adjacent sections, creating distinctive vertical lines and a trendy historical look.) Metal roofs can also be made to resemble wood shakes, clay tiles, shingles, and Victorian metal tiles. Aluminum or coated steel is formed into individual shingles or tiles, or into modular panels. Key standing seam, copper, steal, aluminum, pro panel, barn panel, steel flat panel and the list goes on.

Using our raised metal panel roll- forming machine, Roberts Roofing expert technicians custom form your panels at the job site or our St. Joseph fabrication facility. These panels are seamless and formed specifically for your roof measurements. We then carefully pack and deliver your panels to the job site, arriving free of any damage, and are installed by one of our trained technicians.

Metal roofs are energy efficient; metal reflects heat and blocks its transfer into the attic. Research showed that metal absorbed 34 percent less heat than asphalt shingles, and homeowners switching to metal roofing reported saving up to 20 percent on their energy bills. Steel roofs offer other environmental benefits as well. They are made from between 60 to 65 percent recyclable material. Because they weigh very little, metal roofing can be installed over existing roofs, eliminating the need to dispose of excess material in a landfill.

At Roberts Roofing we offer free estimates, use only top quality materials and employ an in house fully qualified staff - no sub-contracting - so you get the highest level of quality and professionalism. When it comes to any metal roofing job, Roberts Roofing has the roofing product and experience to meet your project needs. With just one call we can do it all!